Les classiques disponibles au studio // The classics you can find at the studio

Bol de ramen // Ramen bowl

These meal bowls are perfect for ramen noodles, stir fries, salads, and almost any meal! The beauty of these bowls is that due to the perfect shape, your food stays warm until the very last bite!

Pot orchidée // Orchid pot

These special orchid pots are designed with many holes to allow air and light to feed the roots and prevent the delicate roots from rot. When your orchid is in its dormant phase, transplant it directly into the orchid pot.

Bol à vinaigrette // Vinaigrette bowl

Qita's signature item!
The best bowl to make your vinaigrette (salad dressing) or marinade. Qita's personal design incorporates the grater for the ginger and garlic right into the bowl! No one likes to clean those pesky garlic presses and ginger graters, right? No need here! Grate and mix, then pour with the little spout. Or if
marinating, you can even cook your meat/fish/tofu/veggies right in the bowl in the oven! 

*note: place vinaigrette
bowl with contents from room temperature to oven at 350 degrees F or allow to
heat up with the oven. 

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